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Salon Services

Nail Clip

These services are available without an appointment during regular grooming hours.


Includes everything in a bath and brush plus a haircut and style. Prices vary on breed, size and haircut option. 

Dog Grooming Tools

We use the brand Nature's Specialties in the salon to ensure your furry family member is getting a quality spa day. Like what we use? Buy select products in our boutique!

Team work

Small local businesses in the Omaha area that offer a range of services that we support and recommend.

Chihuahua Bath

Bath, blue-berry facial, massage, brush out, nail trim, pads shaved, eyes scooped and ear cleaning. Finishes touches include a bandana, bow tie, and/or bows  Prices vary and are based on breed and size of dog.

Cuddling Buddies

Additional services you may want to add on to a haircut or bath and brush. 

Natural Stationary

Known as Gracie n Lu's!

We have a variety of unique and handmade items from local artisans whether you're a pet person or not--you will love the assortment of well crafted gifts and clothing!

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