These services and items are available day of, just give us a call or text:

Nail Clip
Nail Trim $10

Nail trims should be done every month to help keep your pet's quick short!

Ear Cleaning $5

this includes pulling ear hair and cleaning with a gentle pet friendly ear cleaner.

Happy Pup
Nails and Ears $12

includes trimming the nails and cleaning the ears. 

Nail Polish
Pawlish $5

get your dog's nails painted and pick from one of our many shades! (works best with short haired breeds or shaved feet)

Fashionable Girl with Pomeranian
Nail Dremel $12

Trimming of your pet's nails and filing them down afterwards so they are smooth. Prevents freying, cracking and catching. Also helpful for pet's with longer quicks. 

Nail Supplies
Pawdicure $17

Nail trim, dremel, and nail polish of your choice. 

(Face, Feet, Fanny) 

includes shaving out eye boogies, light trim on bangs, shaving feet, and sanitary areas. 

Dog Grooming
Quick Brush
$6/15 minutes

brushing and combing up to an hour- $6/15 mins

Pet Mint Bandana
Touch Up $20

FFF, feet rounded, nail trim, ear cleaning,

cologne and bandana, bow tie or bows.