Brushing Dog's Teeth

Enzymatic dog toothpaste to clean those K-9's! You get to keep the toothbrush so you can continue to brush at home!

Liquid Shampoo
Special Shampoo/

See our products page for a complete list of shampoos and conditioners by clicking here

Bulldog Scratching
Flea Treatment

Dog's with fleas present will receive a flea bath at cost to owner. Note that  a flea bath will only kill live fleas on the dog. To prevent fleas we suggest applying a flea and tick preventative to your dog once a month. It is recommended owners of dogs with fleas treat and properly clean their home, bedding and furniture to get rid of all fleas completely!

De-Skunk Treatment

Pre treatment spray, special treated bath using Nature's Miracles De-Skunking shampoo and neutralizing after spray to help balance and get rid of the odor for good.

Nail Pawlish

We have a variety of colors from every color in the rainbow! Have us match the nail pawlish to your pups bows or bandanas!

Extra Stuff

Add any of these items to a bath and brush or haircut service.  

De-Shed Treatment

includes EZ-shed shampoo and conditioner, extra blow out  time and extra brushing with various tools. Helps control shedding for 6-8 weeks.

Nail Dremel/File
*when added to groom or bath package

Using our pet safe nail dremel we smooth out your dog's nails to help prevent breakage, push back the quick and helps prevent hoomans from getting scratched up!

Shave Tattoo's

Get a shaved design into your dog's fur! We have a variety of patterns for holidays and fun events! Add hair color to top it off!

Hair Color Spray

Add a flare of color to your pups ears or tail. Ask to see our colorful selection! Works best on white and light colored fur. 

Spa Setting
Allergy/Soothing Treatment

Using your choice of healing shampoo and following up with our Colloidal Oatmeal Rinse process, with WHAM spray at end of groom can help soothe pet's skin from irritations, rashes or allergies.