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Barkin on Sunshine, LLC started with two humans and many four legged friends. Owners, Ronell and Stephanie have been friends for over 13 years. Both of them share interests in spoiling their pets, supporting local artists, helping various pet charities, raising awareness to community events and their love of South Omaha. When Ronell began pioneering Omaha Wags to Riches pet charity, Stephanie was running her own grooming salon (Stephanie's Salon). It was this realization that the two decided to combine what they do best.

After many years, they decided to turn their passion into a reality. Barkin On Sunshine is a home away from home place to get a spa day for your pup, grab a unique gift, or try on some outfits! Our personal stylists would love to meet your furry family member for a one-on-one meet and greet session so we can make them feel comfortable and safe over time. Feel free to stop by just to check us out or say hello!

Also, check out our website frequently for upcoming local family fun events!

Sit and learn ABOUT US

COME and visit us!


6613 Sunshine is our Gracie n Lu's Boutique. 6615 is our Grooming Salon.

All customers may enter through either door and both sides are pet friendly. We sell natural pet products like dog food, treats, and cat supplies that we all use and believe in to be affordable and of the best quality. You can find these items when you enter the grooming salon doors.

Our grooming salon is by appointment only where groomers work one-on-one with your pet. No kenneling, no stress.  We use gentle, quality salon grade products that we also have available for sale including shampoos, conditioners, nail clippers, brushes and combs. This allows pet parents to use the same products at home for those in-between grooms or baths. 

Gracie n Lu's boutique is also part of Barkin' on Sunshine and has an array of gifts and merchandise for everyone, even if you're not a pet person! We carry local artisan handmade products including art, candles, clothing, jewelry, oils, and home decor.

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Stay and Plan a spa day

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make an appointment

Call or text us for an appointment 402.403.9585. Feel free to send us a photo of your pup! Hit the chat button in the left corner for any questions you might have.

We set appointments for Tue-Fri 4pm-6pm and Saturday's from 8-5pm.

 potty time

Before coming in please take your dog out to use the bathroom. While it is not uncommon for dogs to go in the shop we don't want them to feel like they did something wrong!


When checking in, we will get some information from you including any health information and verify the type of spa day you would like for your pup. We have a relaxing spot for your pup with water and bedding while they wait.

 We encourage bringing any photos of haircuts and styles you may like or want for your pup. 

Oriental Lotus


check-out & pay

set up next spa day

Let your dog enjoy their time with us. Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for small dogs getting haircuts.

We promise to spoil your pup and give them plenty of love and positive training during their stay. 

When your dog is close to being done we will give you a heads up call so you arrive as soon as they are done. 

Please DO NOT arrive before getting a phone call! It will only take longer if your dog sees you before being done. Feel free to call us or text us if you are concerned. We are happy to send photos during the process if desired. 

When picking up your dog will be excited and happy to see you! We encourage partying at this time and provide treats to reinforce the process as a positive happy place! 

When checking out it is recommended you set up a future appointment to keep your pet used to the process and continue to have a positive experience. Scheduling with the same groomer allows your pet to build a trusting relationship with one another and bond. We even understand if your pet just doesn't get along with one of our people we can try someone else, we want what is best for your pup so we will try to read their language as best as we can. 

If your pup requires a haircut, regular clients receive a 10% grooming discount on future visits. 

You are what keeps us doing what we do! We love our job and want to make sure you are happy with our services. Follow us and like us on Facebook, leave a review on Google or contact us directly with any comments or concerns.